Rocket League remodeled its most unpopular arena


No longer the Land of the Rising Ramps

At the beginning of Rocket League‘s competitive season 4, players scored a major victory. They lobbied Psyonix so hard to remove Neo Tokyo from competitive play that the developer finally buckled and pulled it. The much-maligned map (although some defended and enjoyed it) featured elevated sections on the far left and right sides, which critically altered how games would play out.

Psyonix isn’t keen to pull it permanently, so it’s offering a compromise of sorts. According to the outline for the May 10 update, Neo Tokyo has been reworked so it no longer features those ramps. Now it’s more akin to a standard map, and it’ll be reintroduced to competitive and non-competitive playlists. The original Neo Tokyo has been renamed “Tokyo Underpass” and it’ll be available to play in private and offline matches.

The other major component of the 1.34 update is the addition of the Nitro Crate. A new car will be included in the new crate — the Mantis. Basically a Batmobile knockoff, the Mantis has the exact same hitbox and turn radius as the Dark Knight’s vehicle. However, the Mantis is fully customizable and the Batmobile isn’t. This is essentially a way to get your own decals and silly toppers onto something that functions the same as the Batmobile.

We’ll know more about the new update on Wednesday when Psyonix releases the patch notes and when all the Nitro Crate items are properly detailed. But for now, get ready for a return trip to Nippon; it seems far more tolerable than when we last saw it.

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