Rocket League's big roadmap includes the long-awaited cross-platform parties coming this summer


And a bunch of other changes

Psyonix has just clued its players into what the next few months of Rocket Leaguewill look like. The summer’s going to be busy, as Psyonix finally implements some things it has been talking about for the better part of a year.

The biggest development is cross-platform parties which will go live sometime in July or August. This means that, for example, players on PC will be able to party up and queue games with their friends who play on Xbox. (It’s not yet clear which platforms will be compatible; Xbox and PS4 players will almost certainly be restricted from any sort of cross-platform play.) The process seems simple enough: Register an ID that’s part name and part unique number, and then join others though Psyonix’s new in-game friends system.

The other notable change concerns the leveling system. Since its 2015 release, Rocket Leaguehas had a level cap of 75 but it’s all largely meaningless. Psyonix is reworking it so that each level has a fixed XP range (rather than one that increases exponentially with further levels), and every new level comes with an item drop. When this new system goes live, players’ past time with the game will be recalculated to give them an appropriate new level.

Psyonix is also introducing something called a Rocket Pass. There are two versions of this. The free Rocket Pass has multiple tiers that people can play through to earn in-game items and content. The premium version will cost money but unlock everything instantly. (Although, the two versions seems as if they’ll have differing content.) Psyonix says it’ll elaborate more on Rocket Passes when it’s closer to implementing them.

In the short-term, the current competitive season will end sometime toward the end of May (and the new competitive season will begin). In June, there will be a new summer-themed event and some licensed DLC will be released.

Head over to Rocket League‘s post to read about absolutely everything that’s coming to the game in the next few months.

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