Rocket League's new limited-time mode turns the ball into a heatseeking missile



There’s nothing more dangerous in Rocket Leaguethan getting caught out by a quick ricochet or redirect that’s straight on your net. It happens sometimes, and you just chalk it up to cheeky bounces and overaggressing. This is a game that will sometimes punish smart positioning, and you have to understand Rocket Leaguewell enough to fight the urge to just assign a full-time goalie.

But, a full-time goalie might not be a bad idea in Rocket League‘s new limited-time mode. It’s called Heatseeker, and the name is perfectly apropos because it turns the ball into a heatseeking missile. Every touch, no matter how inaccurate, sends the ball on a path toward the other net. When the other team hits it (or it bounces off the backboard), it’ll speed up in the opposite direction.

Someone’s getting scored on before long. In fact, Psyonix is so confident in high scoring that Heatseeker isn’t confined to the five-minute matches that every other mode has. The first team to seven goals wins. With three players on each side, there should be a constant barrage of direction changes, each one more dangerous than the last.

Heatseeker has the potential to join the likes of Spike Rush as one of Rocket League‘s beloved limited-time modes. We’ll find out next week when it begins. However, Heatseeker makes good on the “limited-time” part; it’s only around from April 16 until April 20.