Rocket League's next update is for those who want to master Rocket League


Practice makes perfect

Rocket League, like any game of sport, is a situational one. More specifically, it’s many manysituations stitched together to make up a five-minute match. It’s easy enough to train for isolated incidents, but it’s tough to prepare for what might actually happen in a game. Developer Psyonix is focused on alleviating that disconnect.

The next update to Rocket Leaguewill include custom training. Players will have the option to set up specific shots that they want to work on. They can place the car, place the ball, and fine-tune the speed and direction of the ball. A preview mode makes it so they can easily identify what’s not quite right and tweak it.

Psyonix goes into great detail on the Rocket Leaguesite. An important note is that each platform will show the 50 most-downloaded training sequences. However, each saved scenario will have a unique code that will make it easy to share with others. Cross-platform sharing won’t be implemented at launch, but Psyonix is working on getting the green light from platform-holders.

It may seem sort of granular but this is a big deal for competitive Rocket League players. The PC crowd already modded the game to include this feature. Now they’ll have an official version of it to perfect their impressive aerials. Those who aren’t competitive, well, this just means that we’re likely to get more insane Rocket Leaguevideos. That’s always a good thing.

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