Rocksmith+ adds a mobile app and workshop to its guitar-learning game


Play the ol’ six string

Ubisoft is bringing back its guitar-learning game Rocksmith as a subscription service, called Rocksmith+.

Revealed during today’s E3 Ubisoft Forward, Rocksmith+ leaked a little ahead of the show thanks to an email blast caught by The Riff Repeater. The new service will give you real-time feedback and control of song speeds, so you can work on learning songs at your own pace.

You can connect your guitar either through a USB cable, like the one the original Rocksmith came with, or through your phone’s mic. There are virtual video lessons and personalized recommendations, and for the guitar players out there, it looks like Rocksmith+ will have a tab view as well as its old Guitar Hero-alike scrolling timeline.

The Rocksmith Workshop will also let users create their own arrangements, albeit for songs that Ubisoft has licensed. And yes, Ubisoft will be licensing its own song library for learning as well.

The service is going into closed beta on PC today, running from July 12 to 22, with signups live on the Rocksmith site.