Rockstar explains why it doesn't bring in big name actors anymore for games like Red Dead Redemption 2


The clash

Ray Liotta was a boon for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but not everyone got along so well with the production staff at Rockstar.

Speaking to Vulture, Rockstar bossDan Houser notes that over the years they’ve had many run-ins with various talent that turned them off and swayed them in the direction of lesser known performers. Houser recalls problems with Burt Reynolds and Chuck D, among others.

Clarifying his statement, Houser notes: “I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, poor bugger…but we don’t bring in name actors anymore because of their egos and, most important of all, because we believe we get a better sense of immersion using talented actors whose voices you don’t recognise.” Naturally egos aren’t the only reason for the swap: money likely plays a factor, and when your lesser-known GTA Vcast can score a six billion dollar payday there’s even less of an incentive to swap back to the old ways.

In recent years that trend has been changing, and not just at Rockstar. Folks like Nolan North have become household names, to the point where fans often want professional voice actors over Hollywood performers.

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