Romero and Carmack put Kickstarter for new FPS, Blackroom, on hold


‘A hitch that’s making us do something that’s right for the game’

The recently announced Kickstarter for Blackroom, an FPS from Doom co-creators John Romero and Adrian Carmack, is already on hold. Fundraising has been suspended and the campaign clock has been set back to zero. An update posted on the project’s Kickstarter page explains the team is responding to feedback and will create a demo for the title before continuing the campaign in earnest.

“We’re pressing ‘PAUSE’ on the fundraising campaign for Blackroom to complete this gameplay demo. Simply put, this will take more time than the Kickstarter has left, so we’ve decided to suspend the campaign and launch a new one when the gameplay demo is ready.”

With a fundraising goal of $700,000, Blackroom managed to attract $131,052 from crowdfunding since being announced this past Monday. It will be interesting to see how those numbers look when the demo is completed and they presumably try again in a few months.

Pressing Pause for a Gameplay Demo [Kickstarter]