Roundup: Lenovo Legion and other good gaming laptop deals for May 2017


With deals starting at $650

Scrimping and saving as a janitor in high school, one of our first gaming PCswas from a Best Buy in town. The $1,100 in cash on hand wouldn’t all fit in our back pocket, but even so, it couldn’t cover the tax on the open-box PC someone had foolishly returned. The manager plucked away at a keyboard lowering the price and sold it to me anyway. That was seventeen years ago.

Fast forward to 2017 and the scrimpers and savers today won’t need to pay that much to cover the cost of a brand new laptop capable of handling modern games. In fact, there are a number gaming laptops directly from the big three manufacturers (Lenovo, HP, and Dell) priced near or well under $1,000. Whether as a graduation gift to yourself or a new laptop for a new school year, we’ve rounded up the current best gaming laptop deals from the big three as we head into Summer 2017.

Below we’ve waded through much of the junk on HP, Dell, and Lenovo (stay away from the Dell Inspiron AMD laptops even if they are touted as gaming rigs). Below, you’ll find the best bang for your buck gaming laptop deals – all with the latest 7th gen Kaby Lake processor and a decent mid-range GPU.

Lenovo Legion Deals:

Lenovo’s Legion Y520 and Y720 are the new flagship gaming laptopsLenovo is hawking to the consumer and are arguably the best offers on the market. How so? This week Lenovo has dramatically reduced prices by hundreds, making its cheapest Y520 gaming PC with a Quad Core i5 CPU and GTX 1050 Ti GPU down to only $717 ( a new low by $132). That’s pretty decent for a thin and premium gaming laptop with a decent Full HD IPS panel display.

Even their new Legion Y720, which is less than a month old is getting a huge $290.40 drop to $1,029. The Y720 comes with a better GTX 1060, and while not worth it at the $1,320 list price, is certainlya consideration at $1,029.59. Don’t let the labeling confuse you because the Y720 is a 15-inch gaming laptop too – the major difference being the bulk of the laptop when compared to the smaller Y520.

HP Power Laptops Deals:

HP’s Power Laptops are the decisively budget gaming machines offered up at their website. For this week, both base models for the HP Pavilion Power laptop 15t and 17t are both on sale for $150 off (until this Saturday). Honestly, at $649.99 you’re getting quite a bit of a gaming laptop for your money with the latest generation Quad Core i5 and a GTX 1050. If you don’t care for a premium feel and just care about the best price to performance ratio, it’s hard to beat the 15t from HP.

Dell Inspiron GamingDeals:

Heading over to Dell, their Inspiron series Gaming Laptop are also priced respectably this week. The base model Inspiron 15.6-inch machine with an i5 7th gen CPU GTX 1050 and an impressive 256GB SSD is only $733 after coupon. For the money, that’s as good as you can expect for an SSD spec’s laptop with a discrete graphics card. Dell’s biggest drawback are the display panel choices they’ve decided to toss into these Inspiron – so we’d suggest reading reviews to see if you can live with its pros and cons.