Rovio tries its hand at capturing the Flappy Bird audience



The Flappy Birddeveloper pulled his game from the public marketplace because the copious sums of moneyweren’t worth the stress of the spotlight. Angry Birdsdeveloper Rovio has no problem being in the spotlight, and as such, it’s created Retrywhich looks to be somewhat inspired by the movements and aesthetics ofFlappy Bird.

In Retry, you pilot a tenuously-controlled plane through increasingly difficult levels. The goal is to make it to the end of each stage, but there are coins that can be collected that unlock checkpoints along the way.

Retrywill be free-to-play when it hits all regions (it’s only in a few now, including Canada and Poland), but Rovio wouldn’t say “no” if you wanted to give them some of your cash. The game includes coin packs that can be bought, in the event that you’re too lazy to collect your own.