Pencil-sketch adventure RPG Time: The Legend of Wright arrives this winter


This RPG is headed to the desktop, in more ways than one

Today, Microsoft is highlighting a bunch of indies as part of its [email protected] and Twitch Gaming showcase. We’ve seen games both new and old, but one returned from years prior to announce it’s finally arriving later this year: RPG Time.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright was announced several years ago, and it definitely has a look. It’s a classic RPG, Dragon Quest-style music and all, told in the margins of notebooks and across a school desktop.

Things have been a little quiet since, but today Desk Works confirmed that RPG Time: The Legend of Wright will launch this winter.

There wasn’t much else to go on, as even today’s trailer was essentially similar to RPG Time‘s previous spotlight. Still, it’s a trailer that’s pretty striking. I love seeing all the ways little pieces of the UI and the menus blend into the environment, and how the characters move through the environment in different ways. The transitions alone are absolutely gorgeous.

I may not know much about this RPG, but it’s absolutely on my watch list. Other games shown off today included the farming mech game Lightyear Frontier, the similarly hand-drawn Inked, and the adorable puppy photography sim Pupparazzi. As much as I like the big stages and showcases, these indie spotlights always have something interesting and unexpected; and today, for me, that was definitely RPG Time.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright will launch this winter.