Ruby and Sapphire remakes feature powered up 'Primal' legendaries


A new shtick…

I liked Pokemon X/Y, but I wasn’t crazy about Mega Evolutions, most of which followed the design principle of “more muscles/horns/whatever means stronger and better.” They’re just a little tacky.

Pokemonalways did pretty well to avoid rehashing and mindless stakes raising (even if it resulted in key Pokemon), but now the Rubyand Sapphireremakes feature stronger, ‘Primal’ versions of Kyogre and Groudon and it’s sort of bothering me. Maybe I’m just being old and cranky.

I wonder if any other monsters are going to get Primal Reversion states wherein they double in size and glow for no reason. I mean,Omega Ruby andAlpha Sapphire are already on the Mega Evolution train, so maybe it’s limited to legendaries.