Rumor: 90s Arcade Racer might be the latest indie to drop the Wii U


Now PS4 and Xbox One?

The Wii U had a good run, but now that Nintendo has basically made it clear that the NX will, despite saying to the contrary, take over the function of the Wii U, some indies are pulling out.

One such team, based on a listing for the game, might be Nicalis, publishers of 90s Arcade Racer. First off, PC and Wii U were take off of the developer’s listing, which now reads “PS4 and Xbox One” — even though Nicalis’ site has the old platforms.It potentially joins Project CARSas another racing game to give up the Wii U platform after it was planned.

Nicalis also possibly changed up the name to “90s Super GP,” a moniker that’s appeared in materials for the game since 2015. Since this is a Kickstarted project, it remains to be seen what is happening for backers.

This isn’t a hard confirmation yet, so we’ve reached out to Nicalis for comment. For now, salt meet grain.

90s Super GP [Nicalis via NeoGAF]