Rumor: Capcom is sticking to their promise of one SKU for Street Fighter V with a free 'Super' update


Man this patch would be wild

Buried underneath another round of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infiniterumors (which are mostly a retread of what we covered here) are some juicy tidbits regarding Street Fighter Vby famed leakerRikurikumore.

They allege that Capcom is sticking to their word to keep Street Fighter Vas a single one-time purchase SKU, but are pursuing a “Super” update for the game. It’ll entail an extra battle mode, a PVE Illuminati battle, more supers (Critical Arts), and finally, an arcade mode. This will also be accompanied by a rollout of Season 3, which will supposedly contain Sakura, Sagat, Oro, C. Viper, Q (hence the header image), and Necro. Is your salt shaker out yet (both to pinch a grain and pour some out for how Capcom has handled this game)? Because the leak contends that this will be announced at the Capcom Cup and should be out in 2018.

Not only does this strategy make sense as it’s what they promised, but the Season 3 characters also seem completely plausible — after straying into new territory with Season 2 Capcom will probably want to woo people with familiar fan favorites.

That said, this is too little too late. I hesitated to use the modifier “probably,” because most people I know have abandoned the game due to Capcom’s fumbles at nearly every stage, from launch to the “beta” for better online play. Now I don’t speak for everyone (I for one still really like SFV), but a lot of folks have voiced their frustrations already. With so many great fighters out right now, Capcom has an uphill battle convincing people to come back. This might be the first step, but it’s not a silver bullet.

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