Rumor: Crash Bandicoot might be getting the 'Conker' treatment with Skylanders


Ha, so sad if true

[Update: The official Italian website for Skylanders Imaginatorshad a “Crash” tab next to its standard and dark editions on PS4 (it has since been removed, but we have a screen capture below). It doesn’t go anywhere, but perhaps Activision is waiting to unveil this at the Sony E3 conference. This is looking pretty real.]

Hey guys, remember when Conker was unceremoniously “brought back” as an add-on for Project Spark? That might be happening with Crash Bandicoot.

Based on a rumor from NeoGAF, a Singapore-based retailer named Qisahn has listed a PS4 exclusive “Skylanders Imaginators Starter pack,” with a listing for “Crash Edition content.” Note — Activision, Skylanders‘ publisher,still owns the rights to Crash (as far as we know), even if they’ve been lying dormant.

This claim as tenuous as it is could easily be true. Spyro was trotted out as the face of the original Skylanders before once again being put to pasture,and I wouldn’t put it past the publisher to do it once again. Because really, this is all they need to sell new toy lines. That, and his spin attack and aesthetic would actually fit in the world.

But I still think Sony has something up their sleeve for E3 when it comes to Crash, even if it’s a 10 second teaser during their press conference. I mean, this can’t be it, right?

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