Rumor: Images of Life is Strange prequel leaked


Life is Normal

Separate from the Life is Strangesequelbeing developed by Dontnod Entertainment, it appears that Deck Nine is making a prequel. Very convincing images were found on Imgur after GameKult found one of them on Deck Nine’s official site.

Scuttlebutt has it that it would focus on the relationship between Chloe and Rachel, although that isn’t a hard thing to imagine if a prequel is indeed made; there isn’t much else to do a prequel on.

I really liked the original game once I got past the cheesy teenager dialogue and predictable ending, but the whole story was told. There is no need or reason to explain anything further, no need for either a prequel nor a sequel. If it had to be one I’d prefer a sequel to have new developments and dilemmas rather than mere setup for the start of the original game.

Like how people ask for a Final Fantasy Xprequel. In either case, the events that occur before the main story are important enough to support the game’s plot and are thus touched upon only as is necessary. The main, most interesting events occur in the original title. Although it’s not impossible to make a substantial story out of previously minor story points, it’s almost always unnecessary. It usually feels just like going from Lord of the Ringsto The Hobbit(although the latter was written first).