Rumor: Is Nintendo working on an achievement system for the Switch?


Tiny devs leak the darndest things!

Reddit AMAs with game developers always have the possibility of revealing an interesting nugget of information we never knew and a recent one with Lichtspeer developer Lichtund may have given us a most juicy bit of gossip from the world of Nintendo. According to the developer, Nintendo is working on some sort of achievement or leaderboard system for the Switch.

That’s one way to get the internet talking about your easily overlooked game!

I’m not a huge fan of the Trophy system on my PlayStation cause I just don’t care that much, but if this would somehow let me show the world just how much ass I kick at Mario Kart, then hell, give us achievements. It’s a shot in the dark but I could totally see the system hooking up to My Nintendo, which would be really cool if My Nintendo was worth anything at all.

Either way, if we’re getting some sort of system-wide profile program like achievements, I don’t expect it to launch until we actually start paying for the online service in 2018.