Run the Japanese superhero TV studio of your dreams in Chroma Squad


Out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Chroma Squad, the game about running your own Japanese superhero television studio, is now available on Steam,, and the Humble Store for $14.99. What a cool niche. This is part tactical role-playing title, part management simulator and, huh, would you look at that “Inspired by Saban’s Power Rangers” subtitle on the logo.

As outlined by developer Behold Studios, there have been changes since the Kickstarter campaign. Aside from tweaked character outfits and no multiplayer (yet), there’s also that curious new disclaimer. Here’s the deal: “After we talked to Saban (the owner’s of the brand Mighty Morphing Power Rangers), we got in an agreement that we would explicitly show in the title one of our references in the game. This is actually a good thing because all the press was comparing our game to the MMPR show anyway. After the agreement we can freely talk about our inspirations for the game without any problems.”

Given the initial reports about Saban going after Chroma Squad, I’m glad the two parties were able to work something out. We’ll have our review up on the site before long. Looking ahead, Behold says it hopes to release console, iPad, and Android tablet ports later this year.