Ryu Hayabusa is back for Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate


William Adams when?

Ryu Hayabusa is back, baby! After skipping out on the initial version of Warriors Orochi 4, Koei Tecmo is bringing back the guest characters for the Ultimate expansion. The announcement a few days back confirmed Joan of Arc, so it was only natural that other guest characters would be returning. Considering Hayabusa is amazing, it’s no surprise to hear he’s making a glorious comeback.

As for other guest characters, I’d like to see William Adams appear. He was featured in Warriors All-Stars and Nioh 2 is on the horizon, so it’d make for a great promotion. William may not be in that upcoming sequel, but he’s still the first thing I think of when anyone says Nioh. Hell, put Edward Kelley in, too.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate – Ryu Hayabusa Reveal [PlayStation via YouTube]