We're sailing away in Wind Waker on tonight's stream


The great Zelda catch-up continues

Anchors aweigh! This week has had some rough waters, so I’m happy to sail away into the weekend with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I’m nearly all caught up in my “HOW DID YOU NEVER PLAY THIS??” list of Zelda games; after this, I think the only few left would be OG Link to the Past and Skyward Sword. So really just Skyward Sword for me. I vaguely remember trying to get through the first level of Wind Waker, the really tough one with tons of spotlights, but after that, I’m goin’ in blind.

[Update: the Wind Waker playthrough continues! I’ve gotten through three temples, collected their respective orbs, plopped Makar and Medli down in their new homes, and now it’s time to search the sea for Triforce pieces.]

As always, if we just need a breather or get stuck, unwinding with some FFXIV dungeons is on the table. It’ll be a great night — hope to see you there!

The stream will start at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on Twitch. See you tonight!

You can catch last week’s Machinarium stream over here.