Saints Row shows off the gang's explosive 'criminal ventures'


None of these were available at my local Job Fair

Deep Silver, in association with developer Volition, has released an explosive new trailer highlighting criminal ventures its upcoming reboot of open-world crime sim Saints Row, which is currently in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

The Saints Row Criminal Ventures trailer offers a sneak peek at some of the shady enterprises our gang of cookie-cutter Hot Topic trendsetters can embark upon in order to build up capital for their fledgling crime empire. Mastery of these side schemes will help our protagonists to get their feet on the rungs of Santa Ileso’s dangerous underworld — while also giving players the opportunity to take some time out from all the running ‘n’ gunning of Saints Row‘s central story campaign.

Criminal Ventures sees the player purchase, build, and invest in a series of businesses, each of which is a front for a specific crime arm of The Saints. The Bright Futures Industry rewards the gang for the illegal dumping of toxic waste, while the Let’s Pretend toy story is a base for The Saints to plan and carry out high-stakes bank heists. Already familiar to Saints Row fans will be the Shady Oaks Medical Center, which activates the amusing and very silly “Insurance” scams, tasking players with throwing themselves into oncoming traffic, with top dollar paid for major highway pile-ups.

It all looks fun… kinda. Nothing about the Saints Row reboot has me excited. The open-world crime sim scene has gotten exceptionally dry, and even this video only really features slightly tweaked takes on side-quests we have already seen played out ad nauseum in franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row itself. I have no doubt the game will be a smash success — it certainly doesn’t need my dollar — but I can’t help but feel that the “Run around a contemporary city and blow shit up” genre has become really played out. I’m unsure as to how evolutionary the ninth gen can make it.

Saints Row is in development for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. It is scheduled to launch February 25.