Saints Row IV, Metro: Last Light close out Xbox sale


Turn the light off when you leave

It’s been a whole seven days since the latest Xbox Ultimate Games Sale got underway, but we’re already at the end. Time sure flies. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to the dull and daily grind of full-priced games.

Microsoft’s sending out two of last year’s better performers to see this sale off. Saints Row IVand Metro: Last Lightare each discounted for $19.99 for today only. Of course, it’s also the last day to pick up any of the games that have been on sale for the duration of the promotion.

So long, Ultimate Games Sale! See you again in three months or so!

On sale through February 24

  • Saints Row IV(50% off)
  • Metro: Last Light(50% off)
  • Tropico 4(67% off)
  • Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon(50% off)
  • Oblivion(75% off)
  • Overlord II(67% off)
  • LIMBO(80% off)
  • Puzzle Quest 2(80% off)
  • Rock of Ages(80% off)

Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale Day 7 [Major Nelson]