Sakura Wars gets first update and new trailer for anime series


That’s the Spiricle

There’s a double dose of news for Sakura Wars fans today, or at least those currently enjoy the latest PS4 entry over in Japan. Sega has dropped the first update for the soft reboot, which features balance tweaks, quality-of-life adjustments, and a fresh new mecha for lead gal Sakura Amamiya.

The new mech unit – or “Spiricle” – is known as “Mugen”, and will be featured in the upcoming Sakura Wars the Animation TV series, which begins broadcasting in Japan on April 3. In game, Mugen can be used for all missions that take place within the “Ikusa-chan” battle simulator.

Accompanying Mugen’s debut are a list of small changes, including the addition of a “Lock-On” function in battle, a conversation message log, changes to the Save/Load system, and new key assignment options. One would assume that all of these features will automatically be included with the localised edition of Sakura Wars.

Speaking of Sakura Wars the Animation, Sega has also released a second trailer for the new series, which you can check out below. Sakura Wars launches on PS4 in the west April 28.

Shin Sakura Wars the Animation second trailer [Gematsu]