Salt and Sanctuary rolls to PlayStation Vita next week


Vita news that isn’t about a cancellation!

And there it is: Salt and Sanctuary is definitely, for sure releasing on PlayStation Vita. Soon, too! The Souls-inspired side-scrolling action title will be out on March 28, with Cross-Buy support in tow.

“We had a small hand in the PS Vita version: nudging some HUD elements here, tightening up the camera there, tweaking an effect or two when we needed to, but our contribution on the project was pretty minimal,” says creator Ska Studios. “The fantastic, talented folks at Sickhead Games were the ones behind all of the low-level, nightmare-inducing logic that will make games like Salt and Sanctuary on PS Vita even possible.”

I only dipped my toes in the PS4 version and need to get back in there some day/year/decade.

Brutal Action RPG Salt and Sanctuary Hits PS Vita on March 28 [PlayStation Blog]