Same tree, same snowflake: Heroes of the Storm players really think Mei is the next character


It’s snowing in Heroes

Remember when select people based an entire leak off of whether or not the “same tree” was found in a reflection? This is kind of like that, but in-game!

Taking to Reddit, f1bermau5 shared a discovery that seems to imply that Heroes of the Stormwill host yet another Overwatchcharacter very soon. Blizzard insists that multiple characters are still coming to Heroesthis year, and a recent tease (which covers various battlegrounds in snow) implies that Mei is headed to the Nexus.

This is further backed up by the “same snowflake” theory, which compares and contrasts the snowflakes from Overwatchproper to the ones in the Heroesevent; finding multiple matches. Now this could be a case of Blizzard re-using assets, but as a general rule, adding Overwatchcharacters to Heroesresults in a cross-game surge of new players. It would behoove Blizzard to keep that gravy train rolling, so Mei seems like a no-brainer, alongside of a potential Overwatchcrossover event and the long-awaited D.Va rework.

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