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Samurai Warriors 4-II and Chronicles 3 are coming westward this year

The latter is for 3DS and Vita

Are you ready for more Samurai Warriors? No? Too bad! Koei Tecmo has just announced the localization of a pair of games from the series.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3is up first, which will be available exclusively on the 3DS and Vita on June 24 for Europe, and at some point in the future elsewhere. If you snag the 3DS edition you’ll get Zelda-style costumes — a nice nod to Hyrule Warriors.

Samurai Warriors 4-IIis the other big one, announced for PC, PS4, PS4, and the Vita — it’ll arrive on October 2 in Europe, and September 29 in the US. It’s basically an expansion for the original Samurai Warriors 4 with more content, including more character-centric stories, which is typical for the series.

Koei Tecmo [Twitter]

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