San Diego Comic-Con is canceled, you know why


Same story, different names

Another domino has fallen, this one bigger than most of the others but no less inevitable. San Diego Comic-Con has been canceled just like all the other conventions that have been canceled.

SDCC organizers made the official announcement this morning, the one everyone expected and was waiting for. The world’s preeminent comic-con will not take place on July 23. It will not take place at all. This surprises no one but disappoints many. SDCC 2021 has been scheduled though, currently set for July 22 through July 25.

Here’s a list of some video game conventions that have been canceled or postponed this year. It will do nothing to ease your cabin fever, as you don’t really need another reminder that the world is at a standstill. Still, it feels kind of important, as if aggregating canceled trade shows somehow underscores the severity of it all. Here goes: Taipei Game Show, GDC, EGX Rezzed, SXSW, EVE Fanfest, Digital Dragons, MomoCon, E3, RTX, TennoCon, QuakeCon, San Diego Comic-Con, Summer Games Done Quick, and gamescom.

We’ll see you in a week or two when it’s time to write this exact same post about PAX West.

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