SanDisk releases 400GB Micro SD card, will work on Nintendo Switch


Do you really need that amount of space though?

It’s about to get crazy when it comes to storage solutions that can fit on a fingernail. SanDisk just released their Ultra 400GB microSDXC model, which, you guessed it, holds 400GB of storage — and works on Nintendo Switch.

While a lot of people would consider it overkill, I actually think it’s a decent option if you buy tons of retail games digitally and want something you can stick in the Switch and forget about for its lifetime. While I’m in a special position to obtain tons of digital games for testing, 80GB of my 200GB SanDisk card has been taken up already, and the system has only been out for half a year.

What is overkill though is the price, as it’s going for $250 currently. That said, the price of this 400GB model will inevitably push down the going rates for other smaller cards, so it’s not a complete waste. The next step in MicroSD technology? Possibly 512 GB by way of Microdia, but it hasn’t been released yet.

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