Save 23% on Civilization VI with this pre-order deal


Just one more turn…

We’ve been waiting for this deal to show up publicly and the moment has now arrived: you can pre-order Civilization VI for 23% off at Green Man Gaming. While Firaxis’ upcoming time-drain simulator has been listed on GMG’s catalog since its reveal earlier this year, none of the public coupon codes have worked on Civilization VI (at least for North American gamers).

Now through a “limited time,” Civilization VI along with a bunch of other upcoming and recent releases are being discounted by 23% off in a “Summer Showstopper Sale” (aka the ghetto Steam Summer Sale, although Stellaris is currently cheaper at GMG than Steam).

Update: Deals are now updated as Civilization VI is released and Winter Sale is upon us. Standard is $39.86 while Deluxe is $50.21. Prices below have now been updated, you can also find the latest here.

Use coupon: WINTER10

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Although we’re listing Homefront along with Battleborn, both “deals” are to be avoided as they’ve been significantly cheaper previously. Our suggestion is to wait for a 40% or more discount before you consider either title again.

And while not explicitly listed on the “Showstopper” sales page, the coupon code will also work on Civilization VI Deluxe Edition — which, funny enough, has zero description on Steam or GMG’s store page in terms of what the Deluxe brings to the table. Here’s what it entails based on press-release: the full base game; the 25th Anniversary soundtrack; access to four post-launch DLC packs with will have additional maps, scenarios, civilizations, and leaders.

No word on what pre-order bonuses will be included for Civ VI, but we’re assuming it’s some sort of map pack that’s valued at around $5 to $7. Will we be pre-ordering? To be honest, while we’re hardcore Civ fans, we’re probably going to hold off a bit longer as we were quite jaded by Civilization: Beyond Earth. If you’re not planning to play day one, you too should hold off as these deals tend to return in one form or another.