Say hello to Minecraft: Education Edition


Coming this summer

Although I picked up Minecraftyears ago on PC, I still play it to this day. Hell, I’ve been playing more of it than ever before lately thanks to the Wii U release. The train isn’t stopping anytime soon either, as Mojang has just announcedMinecraft: Education Edition. It will launch in the summer, and will expand upon the MinecraftEdu system. It’s essentially a mod that helps teach students concepts like navigation and teamwork. Institutions will be able to buy in for $5 per year for each individual user.

Some people may scoff at it, but it’s a neat idea if used correctly! On the flipside, I can easily see some teachers just using it as an excuse to let their class do what they want while they ignore them — like a modern day “hey kids, watch these movies all week and leave me alone.”

Minecraft: Education Edition [Mojang]