Sayonara Wild Hearts studio Simogo teams up with Annapurna


‘A little more possibilities, and less compromises’

Fans of Sayonara Wild Hearts have a big new reason to be excited about Simogo’s future. The Malmö-based indie studio has decided to team up with publisher Annapurna Interactive again, but on a grander scale. They’ve signed a “multi-year partnership” that will cover games “across all platforms.”

Simogo’s publishing deal “means that we can do things that aren’t possible for us to make by ourselves. It also means that we can work even more regularly with the composers and artists we already love to work with. It could, to sum it up, mean a lot of new fun and unexpected stuff for us, and you, in the future. It’s going to be wild and wonderful, and we hope you’ll be here to take the journey with us.”

Annapurna Interactive has not-so-quietly become one of the best publishers in the space – Outer Wilds, Kentucky Route Zero, and What Remains of Edith Finch all say hello – and Simogo is just warming up.

Cool things are brewing, that much is clear. The team’s next title is “Project Fuzzy Optics.”

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