Scanner Sombre is the new game from Introversion and it launches in two days


Cave story

We were in the dark about Introversion Software’s newest project and we didn’t even know it. The British studio that’s probably best known for Darwiniaand Prison Architectjust shone a light on its next imminent game. A bajillion colorful little lights.

In a surprise reveal, Introversion just announced Scanner Sombrewhich will release on April 26. It’s a game about being lost in a cave with only a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner to guide you. The LIDAR paints the environment which is the only way to figure out where it’s safe to walk.

It’s certainly an interesting concept. If you’re having a tough time visualizing it, the launch trailer embedded above really sells the idea. Scanner Sombreis a PC-only title. It’ll be priced at $12 on Steam, GOG, and Humble. However, there will be a release-window discount of 20 percent, meaning that it checks in just under $10.

It all sounds so mysterious and this announcement-then-release strategy fits into that. The only real sign that Scanner Sombreexisted was an appearance at EGX Rezzed this year, more under the guise of “experimental tech demo” than anything else. It wasn’t really on anyone’s radar.

Scanner Sombre‘s rapidly approaching but we’re still able to shine our own light on it. We’ll have a review ready for release so we can see if Scanner Sombreever finds its way.