School Girl/Zombie Hunter throws its pants at Steam


Could make your head explode

Publisher D3 announced that their PS2-looking cheesecake shooter School Girl/Zombie Hunter is now available on Steam, giving budding undead slayers a new platform for all their Zombie x Pantsu needs.

For those less inclined, Onechanabara spin-off SG/ZH sees five girls trapped within their dormitory when a zombie (or “zom-zom”) apocalypse takes over the city. Asuka, Sayori, Chinami, Saioka and Koari must fend of the ravenous beasts equipped with high-kicking melee skills, an armoury of automatic weapons, and the ability to take their clothes off.

Because of reasons, this particular horde are easily distracted by the characters flinging their garments elsewhere with reckless abandon, that’s convenient. Players will guide the intrepid quintet on their lead-spraying quest to get the hell outta school with their brains – and their dignity – intact.

The Steam trailer below should tell you everything you need to know, or you can check out our previous PS4 review by our own Kevin Mersereau. School Girl/Zombie Hunter is available now on PS4 and PC. The latter is available at a discounted price until June 12.