Science and henshin heroes collide in Kamen Rider City Wars


This game won’t take your life

Whenever evil raises its ugly head, a hero will rise up to kick them in the face. To an extent, this is the Kamen Rider franchise’s main premise. As the next show, Kamen Rider Build, prepares for its debut in Japan, its star is joining forces with his predecessors in Kamen Rider City Wars, the series’ upcoming game for iOS and Android.

At the moment, we only know about the title focusing on the Riders protecting acity from danger. There’s also a registration campaign where people can earn Hero Stones and a card of Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form’s Rider Kick when the participant countreaches a certain number. While it sounds like a generous offer, I found it weird for them to not give players the main hero from the 2007 series about trains and time travel.

Most importantly, City Wars won’t force people to risk their lives in the real world while they face actual monsters. This makes Bandai Namco a nicer company than Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s GemnCorporation.

With cards being one of the title’s features, I’m curious to see how they’ll incorporate Build’s science-themed abilities in the final product. Also, my desire to play a new All Kamen Riderbeat ’em up game for Switch and/or 3DS has gone up.

Kamen Rider City Wars App Announced [Daisuki Toku]