SCUM is Devolver Digital's biggest launch yet


Not so scummy after all

The overwhelmingly realistic survival game SCUM launched into early-access today and is already breaking records. Not content with being a streaming darling, SCUM has turned out to be the biggest launch ever for publisher Devolver Digital.

And SCUM is already our biggest launch ever. Congrats to @Gamepires!

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) August 29, 2018

Clarifying further, SCUM developer Gamepires shared some player statistics. While exact sales figures aren’t present, 50,000 concurrent players are active on Steam (likely more, now). Using deductive reasoning, the game has sold at least 50,000 units. That is impressive for a game that couldn’t care less about your sanity.

The SCUM team is super grateful for your support at launch and the 50k concurrent players in game right now! Amazing.

Now back to work, improvements to be made!

— SCUM (@ScumGame) August 29, 2018

While I may not have been big on the game at PAX this year, I’m happy it has found an audience. I was definitely taken aback by the attention to detail that Gamepires put into SCUM and it seems like others are, too. The cost is also likely a factor since Gamepires isn’t charging a premium price for an unfinished game.

If you want to see what all the fuss is, why not enter our contest and win a copy of SCUM? It beats taking a shovel to the face and losing teeth.

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