Seaworthy: It's like FTL, but with pirates


Well, blow me down

I always wanted to play a more brutal game centered on pirates, but as the years went by I was continually disappointed. Sid Meier’s Pirates was an interesting ride, but it was too lighthearted for me. Seaworthy, a real-time strategy title that features pixelated pirates, looks like it’s going to go a long way in delivering that brutality I’ve been looking for.

Right now it’s on Kickstarter, and while there’s plenty of Kickstarter-based titles that I balk at, this one looks like it could actually be worth getting into. It’s supposed to be a clever mixture of FTL and Sid Meier’s Pirates, coincidentally, where you command your crew as you see fit, take part in battles, recruit new pirates to hop aboard your ship, and more. Looks like it’s probably going to be right up my alley. Or would that be galley?

Seaworthy’s alpha build is coming out before the end of 2015, with Early Access soon after. It remains to be seen if it’ll be worth picking up, but I’m pretty interested just from the trailer alone.

[Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]