See how Dragon Quest XI is progressing with these quick clips


From a recent stream

Over in Japan, NHK General had a Dragon Quest 30th anniversary special filled with your typical reverent type stuff, but it also provided a brief look at Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. In it, we got a few more details like equipment management, the camping mechanic, dragon riding, and some clips of the battle mechanic.

We’ll see a lot more this year as it’s due in 2017 on both the PS4 and 3DS — and a Switch port is currently being worked on, but not fully confirmed/announced (Square Enix has been wishy washy with it, stating that it exists, but not listing it on their official documents for it, much like the console version of Diablo IIImany years back).

As for me, I’d love to see Dragon Quest X make it here first. It would be a shame for a core DQentry to not be widely available.