See which games made the cut for Summer Games Done Quick 2017


There’s at least one major omission

[Update: Heck yeah, Breath of the Wild is listed for SGDQ 2017 as a bonus game.]

Speedrun marathon Summer Games Done Quick has shared its game schedule for this year’s event.

That’s not something I’d normally be super into seeing this far in advance — we’re still months out! — but considering some of the high-profile games to launch recently, I was curious this time.

There’s a lot of Zelda this year, as you’d expect, but Breath of the Wild isn’t on this list. Dang. I am very much into the one-handed, Ending-A-on-Normal-difficulty speedrun for NieR: Automata, though.

Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is set to run from July 2 through July 9. Total runtime? “194:02:30.”

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