Seeing Green: Steam Greenlights eight new games


As well as three new pieces of software

Steam is bringing some new contenders to the market through its Greenlight service this week. This batch of titles is a very eclectic offering; a little something for everyone, from the casual player to the adventure game fan.

The quality of these selected titles really speaks not only to hard work of the developers but also to the dedication and love of their fan bases to try and champion their favorite upcoming titles. Some highlights include the fantasy inspired world of In Verbis Virtus where spells are cast by speaking them through your microphone, the haunting and desolate 3D adventure titleHomesick and the silhouetted, fast-paced platformer Vector.

The rest of the titles include:Coginition: An Erica Reed Thriller,Day One: Garry’s Incident,Guncraft,Super Motherload, andVerdun.Steam has also Greenlit another three software titles:Actual Multiple Monitors,FL Studio, andLeadwerks 3: Steam Edition.

I’ll admit,Vectormay have taken a lot of inspiration from another well-loved indie running-based title, even down to using a similar intro sequence, but I would like to try it out before getting my torches and pitchforks ready. I can’t wait to see what gets Greenlit next!