Sega Mega Drive/Genesis shooter Xeno Crisis confirmed for Steam and Switch


Retro blaster reaches stretch goals

Not too long ago we featured an article about Xeno Crisis, a brand new Sega Mega Drive title being developed by British studio Bitmap Bureau. The game just closed its Kickstarter this week and, in the final 48 hours, reached the total required to secure ports for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Xeno Crisis is a top-down shooter in the vein of games like Smash T.V., Alien Breed and The Chaos Engine. It features one or two space marines runnin’ and gunnin’ their way through space colonies, that have been overrun by an alien menace. Xeno Crisis features multiple modes, procedurally-generated levels and classic ’90s-inspired sound and visuals.

The game will see a physical release for the Mega Drive/Genesis system, and had already reached a previous stretch goal to guarantee a Dreamcast version. Having passed the £65,000 mark, Xeno Crisis will now also be ported to PC and Nintendo Switch, meaning there will be multiple ways to check out the frenzied arcade action.

Xeno Crisis is currently in development now and is slated for release October 2018.