Sega promises 'more surprises than ever before' with its 'Amazing Sega' re-branding



Meet the new Sega, same as the old Sega.

In an attempt to capitalize on a new wave of hype, the Japanese company intends to regularly release a new video series called “Amazing Sega,” the first of which you can watch below, featuring Yakuza director Yoshihiro Nagoshi. While re-branding (and in this case, attempting to bottle nostalgia while maintaining the human element of the corporation) is typical of just about every country in the world, this funnels back into Sega’s attempt to “revive major IPs,” which we could see the impact of as early as E3.

You’ve already sounded off as to what franchises you want to make a return, and I think most of you made the best case for Jet Set Radio — which would make quite a splash given that Tony Hawkand similar extreme sports games are basically dead.