Sega registers


Surely it’d be Mid-morning of War by now

It’s funny how many little ways a publisher can screw up and leak (or “leak” if you’re a cynic) its upcoming games in 2015. A misworded interview here, a guy walking in and stealing your lunch there, and of course personally one of my favourites: the domain name registration.

This time, it’s Sega of America’s turn, as their recent registration of lets on that maybe the third game in Relic’s popular Warhammer 40K RTS series is coming. Of course, the never-blinking eye of reddit noticed.

According to WhoIs lookups, the domain was updated by the Systems and Network Operations at Sega of America on March 26. This could just be a measure to prevent people from sitting on the domain, but Relic’s last game Company of Heroes 2 was released just over two years ago now. It makes sense for them to be working on something.

Oh so surprisingly, the domain doesn’t actually link to anything yet. The game not being announced yet and all maybe explains that, or maybe Dawn of War 3 takes place in a huge snow storm and that’s the reason for the blank, white page.