Sega Saturn Mini unlikely anytime soon says Mega Drive Mini producer


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As Sega prep their Mega Drive/Genesis Mini for what they hope to be NES/SNES Classic levels of success, video game fans continue to wishlist ideas for further retro devices based on consoles such as the Nintendo 64, Game Boy and Sega Saturn.

According to Sega Mega Drive Mini head Hiroyuki Miyazaki, that last one remains a pipe dream at the very least. Speaking in an interview with IGN Japan, Miyazaki was asked about the possibilities for a Saturn Mini, recreating Sega’s brave little box that did its damnedest, but was ultimately crushed by the Sony PlayStation back in the mid ’90s.

It unfortunately appears that mass producing miniature tech for the 1994 console is not quite economically viable just yet. Miyazaki stated that the hardware required is still a little too pricey to justify mass-production of the units. “It may be possible in 10 years,” Miyazaki muses. “By that time the necessary chips should be cheaper”.

Sony have already had a go at recreating their own 32-bit console with the PlayStation Classic, which suffered from bad emulation and shoddy software, eventually seeing its price slashed in mere weeks. Despite over 20 years having passed since the 32-bit era, maybe it isn’t quite ready for a revisit just yet. Still, we can dream. What would you like to see on the Sega Saturn Mini, if it were in development?

The Sega Mega Drive Mini launches worldwide on September 19.

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