Sega's Yakuza-adjacent Judgment is no longer a PlayStation exclusive, is coming to current-gen consoles in April


As well as Stadia

Back in 2019 Sega unleashed Judgmentout into the world: a spinoff of sorts for the Yakuza series that focused on detective Takayuki Yagami.

It was a success for the publisher, which I’m sure came as a relief given that it probably seemed like a gamble at the time: detaching itself from the Yakuzaname. Either way it paid off, doubly so given that Sega is giving it a new lease on life very soon.

Announced today, Sega is bringing Judgmentto the PS5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X/S platforms on April 23 for $39.99. There’s a few things to unpack here, beyond the Stadia push, most notably the Xbox Series X release.

As you may recall, Judgmentwas originally a PS4 exclusive up until, well, today. It was one of many gets for Sony in the previous generation, but now, with Sega cozying up to Microsoft and putting multiple Yakuzagames on Game Pass, this move makes a ton of sense.

As far as advancements go, Sega says that the game has “refined visuals” and now runs at 60 FPS, with “improved load times” and “all previously released DLC” included.

Since this was a massive “wait and see” kind of game, getting everything with all of the current-generation bells and whistles sounds like a perfect way to jump right in with two feet. It’ll hit all of the aforementioned platforms on April 23.