Senran Kagura producer: Small boobs need to be moved by hand


Larger breasts are easier to work with

Senran Kagura is known for its large breasted women, but the series is tapped far as size goes.

“If they got any bigger than this (he points to the screen where a particularly busty Estival Versus character is leaning toward the viewer) I think that we’d have issues with them popping out over the top of the arm, or maybe having their arm completely clip through their breast,” series producer Kenichirō Takaki told Siliconera. We might need some better machine specs to get those physics right.”

But the current system allows for some pretty big boobs already, so I’m not sure anyone is wanting in that department. On the other hand, small boobs offers problems of their own, which is one of the reasons all the characters are busty.

“I think that characters like Ryoubi or Mirai are the hardest to deal with because they have small breasts,” he said. “Since the whole game is based on larger breast sizes, and that’s what the [physics engine] is built around, we actually have to customize the movement on [small breasted characters] to make it work.”

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