Seven minute Cyber Sleuth trailer is not your dad's Digimon


Unless there were sexy car ladies in Digimon; I know there were Barenaked Ladies

People who watched Digimon in their youth are old enough to be parents. Damn millennial parents and their Digimon-playing children.

Some good music, a Summer Wars-looking digital world (yes, Hosoda, I know), a detailed Tokyo, some glam leather-vested glam rocker. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth looks alright with this lengthy showing. And sexier than I remember. But I mostly remember one season of anime, a PS1 game with a lot of poop eating, and a movie with a Barenaked Ladies song.

It’s been. It’s been. It’s been. It’s been. It’s been.

I’d give it this Vita RPG a shot if it ever sees localization, though. The well-rendered models provide just enough nostalgia — for the monsters I can remember, anyway. And I’d probably understand it more than I did Digimon World and not have a bunch of poop eating poop monsters.