Seven upcoming PC games are timed exclusives on Discord


Including Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

The popular communication app Discord is branching out with its own video game storefront, and to help make an early name for the service, there’s going to be a “First on Discord” initiative. Basically, it’s hand-picked timed exclusives. Here’s the first batch of PC games that will debut on Discord.

  • Last Year: The Nightmare is a five-on-one horror multiplayer game. There’s been a few of these types of games lately, and this one isn’t based on any existing IPs, but what I saw and played at PAX showed a lot of potential. I said it had good bones!
  • Bad North is a stripped-down RTS about fending off Vikings.
  • At Sundown is a hide-and-seek shooter where “light is your enemy.”
  • Mad Machines is sorta like Rocket League but with killer robots.

It’s worth noting that some of these titles are already available on Steam Early Access and consoles.

Last Year

Discord says it will help bring “First on Discord” games to life and they “will have a period of exclusivity, typically 90 days, then their developers can sell them anywhere they want.” The Discord Store itself is currently being beta tested. It’s expected to launch for everyone later this fall.

90 days is a not-insignificant amount of time for exclusivity, but knowing the exact release schedule makes the wait more bearable than, say, the average vague console timed exclusive.