Severed continues to look rad as hell in its final release trailer


One arm, zero problems

Never thought I’d be excited about a Vita release in 2016, but Severed, the latest title from the developers of Guacamelee!is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen in months. Described as a mix of Mega Man, Infinity Blade, and Punch-Out!,Severed is an open-world adventure game that has you slicing and dicing your way through enemies using the Vita’s touchscreen. Unlike in Mega Man where beating a boss grants you a copy of their weapon, in Severed, you chop their shit right off andgraft it to the bloody stump where your other arm should be. Wild.

Seriously, I can’t get over how gorgeousthis game looks. The psychedeliccolors, the over the top monsters, the fascinating world design. I’m gonna have to track down someone who still owns a Vita and beg to borrow it. Severed is out tomorrow and our pal Zack will have a review up soon. Here’s hoping it plays as good as it looks.