Shadow of Mordor's Game of the Year Edition trailer proves it lives up to its namesake


Horn tootin’ at its finest

Less than one week after it was revealed, the Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorGame of the Year Edition is on store shelves. It contains all released add-ons for the game, as is customary for these re-releases. Really, it’s all rather routine as far as these things go.

But, what’s somewhat noteworthy is that Shadow of Mordor‘s one of the few titles that can live up to the “Game of the Year” moniker without being a bit deceptive about it all. It didn’t win every award last year, but it took home a fair amount of hardware, including the Game Developer’s Choice Awards’ biggest trophy.

So, if you’re the type who loves revered games from a year ago, or who really likes stabbing orcs in the skull in an over-the-top way, this seems like a surefire bet. If you’re in that middle area where the Venn diagram overlaps, oh boy, 2014’s game of the year will probably be your pick in 2015, you late adopter, you.