Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the latest triple-A game to come to Xbox Game Pass


Another great get for Game Pass

Just like the crypts Lara exhaustively explores, Xbox Game Pass is home to a lot of treasures. You just have to go searching for them. Soon, Lara’s latest adventure becomes one of those treasures.

As part of the latest episode of Inside Xbox, it was revealed that Shadow of the Tomb Raiderwill be added to Xbox Game Pass on Thursday, February 7. It’s a quick turnaround, less than five months after it originally launched. It’s a worthwhile conclusion though, and Game Pass feels like the perfect home for a lot of people to finally experience the end to Lara’s arc.

However, for anyone who has missed out on the entire arc, Game Pass has that covered too. Tomb Raider(2013) was added at the end of January, and Rise of the Tomb Raiderhas been included since last March. All of Lara’s journey is right there.

There’s more coming to Xbox Game Pass this February: The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season(February 7), Pumped BMX Pro(February 7), de Blob(February 14), Crackdown 3(February 15), and Batman: Return to Arkham(February 21). These additions should push Xbox Game Pass beyond 200 titles. Not a bad library at all for $10 per month.