Shadow of War gets a $300 Collector's Edition



Not content to simply sell you the game, WB Games has unveiled the “Mithril Edition” of Middle-earth: Shadow of War for a quaint $300. Included in the package comes the “Gold Edition” of the game alongside a steelbook case, a war chest, 12″ statue, the soundtrack, a cloth map of Mordor, a magnetic replica of the “Power Ring,” a collection of lithographs, a sticker pack (joy!), and a collector’s box.

In another surprise twist, this collector’s bundle is only available at GameStop. The retailer also has a listing for a “Silver Edition” of the game (costing $80), but doesn’t detail the differences between that and the “Gold” variant. All of these aforementioned different versions are listed for both PS4 and Xbox One, in case you are worrying.

At least if you were questioning how WB Games was going to milk customers, you now have an answer.

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